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  Featured Automotive AC Articles From Cool Profits
The following articles were provided courtesy of Cool Profit$ Magazine

Refrigerant Leak in Ford Explorer? Check the Accumulator
Are customers complaining of gradual decreased cooling on late model Explorers? Are you suffering occurrences in Explorers of continuing refrigerant loss? Here's a tip... by Ignacio "Nacho" Corella

Air Conditioning Sealants - Part 1
Cool Profits magazine asked the A/C system sealant manufacturers some important questions about their products. Find out what they had to say... by I.M. Cool

Trouble Finding Refrigerant Leaks?
Even with electronic leak detectors and fluorescent dyes, auto ac technicians are still having a terrible problem detecting refrigerant leaks. To help you do a better job of detecting leaks, here are some of the trade secrets you need to know... by John Noble

Heads Up: New Heavy Duty A/C Fitting
I usually try to keep pace with industry news, and when encountering something out of the ordinary, it's usually a product that I have read about months in advance. This one would be different... by Chris Bede

DuPont?s Freon® Patent
Are we really retrofitting to R134a because DuPont?s patent for Freon ® ran out?   by John R Hess

  Latest Refrigerant News

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What does a "flooded" evaporator mean to you?

Cool Profit$ magazine interviewed Richard C. Kozinski, inventor of the Variable Orifice Valve, and offers us a wonderful three part article that helps to explain the mystery of the VOV.

Even if you never intend to use the VOV, theses articles will shed light, and help to clarify issues such as sub cooling, flooded evaporators, critical charge, Superheat, etc..

Read part 1, part 2, and part 3

Our thanks to John Hess at Cool ProfitS Magazine!
You can reach John at: imcool@imcool.com

The History of...

The History of Freon ®

Our thanks to About.Com guide, Mary Bellis , for sharing with us, some interesting history about Freon ® .

Our "rocket scientist approved"
R-12 replacement - temperature pressure comparison chart.

Basic Air Conditioning operation

This is a small article that was written by Chris Bede
for the Classroom section in Fred's Garage at Familycar.Com
It gives a brief explanation of how an automotive air
conditioning system works and explains the most common system components.

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