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Question: Where can I find automotive refrigerant capacities listed online?

We are working on automotive refrigerant capacities. In the meantime, here are a couple options that might be helpful.


Behr HELLA Service offers an online look-up...

Hella has refrigerant capacities listed on their web site. While their refrigerant and oil quantities manual includes some familiar U.S. domestic models, the majority of those listed in their refrigerant guide are for vehicles that would be found outside the United States and North America. Keep in mind, this guide lists gram weight for refrigerant and milliliters for oil quantity as opposed to U.S. fluid ounces. Nonetheless, this reference would certainly be handy for those of us that perform air conditioning service on European makes. As a nice bonus, this reference also includes trucks and heavy equipment.



Submit your request to the forum

If all else fails, post your request to the Automotive A/C Forum.  There's a link to the forum on all Knowledge Base pages.  Just look for the tab on top that says "Forum."  Many of the regular forum contributors will be happy to look up the specifications for you.




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