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We've been finding a common problem on the New Volkswagen Beetle.  The symptoms are no compressor or condenser fan operation.  If you have one of these in your shop, check this first... 

There's a small fuse panel on top of the battery.  There you'll find three 30 amp fuses along the upper right hand corner of the fuse block.  One or two of these fuses, which tie into the fan control module, may burn at the leg of the fuse.  Notice the burn in the slot where our green 30 amp fuse was located.  This caused a bad connection which kept the compressor and fans from getting power.     

VW New Beetle A/C fuse block 

The photo below shows we have power at the bad terminal.  In this case, checking with a test light only proves the fuse is good.   

We recommend pulling each fuse to make a visual inspection.   In this 2001 New Beetle, we were able to rock the fuse a little and get the compressor and fans to engage.  

Burnt VW A/C fuse

This makes for a quick and easy repair if you know where to look.  To fix this problem you'll have to disconnect the battery and replace the fuse panel.  It's inexpensive, and should be readily available from your local Volkswagen dealer.  Unlike some parts on the New Beetle, this fuse block is easy to replace.

Tip: Make sure you record the location of each wire before removing the nuts that hold them to the block.  Each wire is connected to it's own specific fusible link.  Also, the new fuse block may not come with any fuses, so be sure to note the correct location of each fuse.



Visitor Comments

Comment #1 (Posted by jeff)
Fan controler has a high rate of failure, have replaced several.

Comment #2 (Posted by Edgardo)
"This caused a bad connection which kept the compressor and fans from getting power." How I can prevent a bad connection and avoid the fuse burns again with new panel?

Comment #3 (Posted by ziptron)
Thanks for the post. My AC kicked off, and I couldnt figure out from the criptic card What fuse supplied the Compressor. You were on the first page of my google search for "New Beetle AC fuse location! I went right to the location in the picture, pulled the Good fuse, and sure enough it was melted underneath. I cleaned up the contacts and used new fuse to keep AC working while I wait to get new fuse panel. Thanks again for saving me so much time- the Good fuse reading would have had me chasing my tail for days !

Comment #4 (Posted by TaylorMill)
My New Beetle air conditioner shut down today  -- first a/c problem with 2000 Millenium Bug. I saw your site -- checked that fuse -- corrosion just like you said. A little cleaning and !!voila!! A?C magically working again. Thanks so much

Comment #5 (Posted by Brandon)
Thank you I am ase certified this helped me a lot .

Comment #6 (Posted by Jeff S.)
ok i have an 03 beetle, fans work..compressor not. fuse panel in good shape. computer tells compressor to come on, but it doesn't. i'm ase cert. in a/c on G.M. products not VW! common sense would tell me compressor is bad BUT, no noise before it quit and 2 weeks prior to it quiting, the dealership replaced the water temp senor due to check eng. light comming on. any ideas??

Comment #7 (Posted by Sylvia)
Hi! Thank you so much, I had the same problem... Volkswagen Beetles are wonderful cars, just with minor problems. But the Motor is very good and driving them is a pleasure

Comment #8 (Posted by Tommy B)
Thank you sooooo much! you just saved me from a $976.00 repair bill!

Comment #9 (Posted by g.l.a.d.)
Thank You Very much! First try produced the remedy.

Comment #10 (Posted by Tomasz)
Hi I have the same problem fans work compressor not fuse panel in good shape . any ideas ?

Comment #11 (Posted by Bill A)
For #10, could be the fan controller or compressor clutch. If you hear a solid click when the AC is turned on, it's not the controller but something in the clutch or compressor.

Comment #12 (Posted by John Guzak)
READ THIS ONE!!! My compressor simply would not come on. I checked everything -- twice. Finally, I pulled each of the fuses in the compartment over the battery on my 2002 New Beetle Diesel, and found nothing wrong. HOWEVER, once I re-inserted the fuses, my compressor came on and the AC worked like new. So it appears that the fuse (although not burnt) simply needed to be re-inserted. Cost of repair = $0.00!!!

Comment #13 (Posted by chris)
to 2/Edgardo-I haven't had this apart yet, but pulled/checked fuses on my buddy's car tonight - they pull out too easy/not tight enough for 30 amperes. To ensure no problems would be better to put stab on lugs on the ends of the wires - looks bad but will handle the current. The receptacles for the fuses must get warm.

Comment #14 (Posted by an unknown user)
03 beetle, yep that was my problem too. thanks

Comment #15 (Posted by Ashlie)
My fan/ac/compressor quit on me . I just bought this 2000 Beetle in May as a second car for in town driving. We were stumped! I will try this idea, sure hope it works!!!! I love my little car!

Comment #16 (Posted by Kucera A.)
That solved the problem on my 2003 diesel Golf. Great


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