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Customers Succeed with Smart VOV 

Eddie Paskey, owner, The Air Shop, Santa Ana, California:

"An appreciable difference on Aerostar dual units and on GM vehicles across the board. Much quicker cool down. Cadillac STS is much cooler, and about a one-half mile per gallon (fuel economy) improvement (with the Smart VOV)." 

Dean Hatsedakis, air conditioning technician, Roseburg, Oregon:

"After retrofit ('90 Ford F-350) I noticed much lower temperatures and pressures, especially at idle, with the factory R-12 pressure switch and the Smart VOV." 

Joe Vaillancourt, vehicle owner, Phoenix, Arizona:

"After the dealer installed the VOV in my new '98 GM van, a/c vent temps in city stop and go traffic are down to 51F (from 71F) at outside ambient temp of 113F and 30% humidity. I now have a vehicle that will cool in the Arizona desert." 

Senior Automotive Inspector, major California police agency:

"Interior duct outlet temperatures were reduced by five to ten degrees" and "a reduced incidence of a/c compressor failures in both Caprices and Crown Victorias." 

John Baird, Commissioner of Police, Warren, Michigan:

"Improvement at idle is over 10 degrees with the Smart VOV." 

Richard Disney, General Manager, Arctic Auto Air, Fort Lauderdale, Florida:

"The Smart VOV has provided a remarkable improvement in cooling when used in dual applications." 

Roger Vogt, President, Performance Auto & Air, Visalia, California:

"Dramatically reduced failure rates on problematic compressors in both our retail and wholesale operations (when using the Smart VOV)." 

Exhaust emissions test results of the Smart VOV at Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, Texas:

Compared to using the stock orifice tube on a production 1997 minivan, the Smart VOV reduced Carbon Monoxide by 19%, Nitrous Oxide by 11%, and Total Hydrocarbons by 22%. 

David L. Moore, Dave's Autocool, Exmore, Virginia:

"I can't begin to tell you how satisfied my customers have been when retrofitting their vehicles over and utilizing this latest wonderful device (Smart VOV)! It's a very rare occasion when a manufacturer introduces a new product that does what it says it does. You are in that category with the VOV. No R134a retrofits are completed without the installation of this latest mobile air conditioning marvel. The VOV is just one example of how I am making my business more efficient and profitable." 

Warren H. Willingham II, Sales Manager, AAPAK, Phoenix, Arizona:

"We distributed the VOV to some key accounts that are difficult to sell on new devices and theories. They were pleased with the VOV operation and reported 6 to 10F drops in duct temps on the hard-to-cool vehicles. We have now jumped head first into the sale of the VOV." 

John Strutenski, Service Manager, Shaheen Chevrolet, Lansing, Michigan:

"After installing the Smart VOV in a '94 Tahoe, we recorded 8 to 9F colder a/c discharge air and a drop of over 5F in the interior temperature." 

Dave McKinney, General Manager, Gainesville Radiator & A/C Co, Gainesville, Georgia:

"After installing the Smart VOV in my own '97 Yukon, the A/C vent temperature was lowered by 11F (from 51 to 40), and overall cooling in all conditions is improved." 

William J. Thomas, Service Manager, Scott Buick Inc, Pinellas Park/St. Petersburg, Florida:

"We have tried the Smart VOV in many different General Motors vehicles and have not had any complaints or failures on this product. It has been installed in retrofitted late-model cars (R12 to R134a). With the high ambient temperatures we normally have, A/C performance is critical to customer satisfaction. To date, the product has performed well." 

Daryl McAllister, General Manager, D & A Auto Service Center, Pinellas Park, Florida:

"The Smart VOV was added to a '92 Ford Explorer retrofit, and it provided normal (R12 like) vent temperatures with lower suction and discharge pressures. I am especially pleased with low rpm performance. They have my vote." 

Karl W., vehicle owner, Phoenix, Arizona: "In early August we loaded up the family in the Suburban and went shopping in the greater Phoenix metro area. At 106F in stop-and-go traffic, with the A/C on "normal" and low fan speed in the front and back, the kids asked if I could turn the fan down in the rear because they were too cold. The wife also commented that she was too cold up front. That really surprised me because in the summer, she never complains about being cold, only being too warm. Needless to say, I am convinced that the Smart VOV has substantially improved the cooling capabilities of my Suburban. In addition, the cool down time from the truck being sun soaked in the mall parking lot was much faster than ever before. There are no exaggerations here, only the comments shared by my family on this and several other occasions, and my own personal experience." 

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