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Installing the Smart VOV to achieve Customer Satisfaction and to improve your Bottom Line 

Educate your customer on the performance and reliability benefits of having a Smart VOV installed in their vehicle: 

  1. Colder A/C vent temps (typically 5-12F) at idle and in city traffic
  1. Extended compressor life
  1. Increased fuel economy
  1. Reduced exhaust emissions 

Once the customer has been educated on the Smart VOV's benefits, they typically demand that the VOV is installed in place of the stock orifice tube. We have had calls from customers who were actually upset because they found out about the Smart VOV after they had their A/C system serviced. 

No other product on the market, at any cost, can provide the advantages of the Smart VOV. It is the most cost-effective A/C system enhancement on the market today. It takes the same amount of time to install as an orifice tube.  

Customer satisfaction is becoming increasingly important to keeping existing customers and gaining new ones. The Smart VOV can be used to increase customer satisfaction by giving them a more comfortable car to drive and by making the A/C system more reliable and efficient. The customer will also be pleasantly surprised to learn of the added benefit of increased fuel economy. Customers who are happy with your work will return again and again, and they will tell their friends about the good job that you did. Referrals are the most effective form of advertising, and they're the cheapest (they don't cost you a dime)! 

R12 to R134a retrofits are often a sore subject for many shops, because their experience is that the vent temps are often warmer after the retrofit than before. This doesn't contribute to happy customers. The Smart VOV was designed to enhance R134a performance, both in retrofits and factory R134a systems. Typically the VOV will provide vent temps equal to R12 when the vehicle was new, but we have received numerous reports from shops across the country telling us that vent temps were colder with R134a and the VOV than with R12. A properly done retrofit isn't cheap, so give your customer the best possible performance and efficiency for their dollar by installing the Smart VOV. 

Factory R134a systems are extremely responsive to the Smart VOV. It is not unusual to see over 10F improvements in vent temps in hot climates at idle. A GM dealer in Phoenix reported a 20F drop in vent temp on a new '98 dual-air minivan at 112F ambient! This is with no other changes to the A/C system. Needless to say, the customer was extremely happy with the dealer's Service Manager! 

For VOV installations in late-model Cadillacs, use the special Adapter (part no. 8594099). This Adapter acts as a spacer to move the VOV refrigerant exit holes back away from the temperature-sensing cycling clutch switch. Without the Adapter, the sensor doesn't "see" the true refrigerant temperature, resulting in false tripping of the "loss of refrigerant charge" switch. 

Lastly, it is important to note that the Smart VOV is not a cure-all for A/C system problems. It is designed to make a cycling clutch orifice tube system perform as well as a TXV system, without the reliability problems of the TXV. Just be certain that all A/C system components are functioning properly and that there are no leaks. 

Feel free to call me if you have any questions or need sales literature on the Smart VOV. 

Jordan Rautiola, Product Sales Manager 

The Smart VOV is a patented product of Nartron Corporation

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