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Smart VOV

By Nartron Corporation 

The Smart VOV is a patented product that is designed, developed and manufactured by Nartron Corporation in Reed City, Michigan. It was installed and tested in severe use vehicles in the southwest desert for over one million miles before being introduced into the automotive aftermarket. It has been proven to reduce A/C vent temperatures (5 - 12F), extend compressor life, and increase overall A/C system performance, reliability and efficiency. 

The Smart VOV is sold to National Distributors, some of whom are marketing the product under a different name and part number. The distribution of the Smart VOV at the store level of the large national chains will be greatly expanded in 2000. 

CAR CARE PARTS CORPORATION sells the Smart VOV under the name SAOV (Self-Adjusting Orifice Valve) under part nos. AC38904, AC38905, AC38078, and AC38088 (the last two are for extremely hot climates). 

FOUR SEASONS/FACTORY AIR/TRUMARK sells the Smart VOV under the name AAOT (Automatic Adjusting Orifice Tube) under part nos. 38902, 38903, 38904 and 38905 (the last two are for extremely hot climates). 

NAPA jobbers now have the Smart VOV available as the AAOT, under part nos. 207325 and 207324.  

Manufactured by Nartron Corporation, Reed City, MI 231-832-5525 

Pat. #590-1-750