Variable Orifice Valve

The Smart VOV is a new refrigerant device that substantially increases air conditioning cooling at idle and city traffic conditions.

It is a self contained "drop-in" replacement for all orifice tubes; it creates colder discharge air temperatures by automatically reducing the orifice area at low compressor speeds such as when idling or driving in city traffic.

The Smart VOV variable orifice opens to a larger size at highway speeds to maintain pressures comparable to, or lower than a standard orifice tube.

Compressor life can be significantly increased because of the reduced compressor load; in hot ambient highway patrol testing, compressor failures were reduced by a factor of ten.

This innovative valve can even improve fuel economy, especially in city driving conditions.

Test vehicles equipped with Smart VOV have demonstrated excellent performance, outstanding reliability, and extended compressor life in over two million miles of severe duty desert testing.

Increased A/C Cooling Pressure Reduction Feature
Up to 12 ° F colder air at idle
Cooler interior in city traffic
For R12 and R134a systems
Increases area at idle pressures
Extends compressor on-time
Increases comfort at idle
High Reliability Reduced Expansion Noise
Engineered for long life
Large internal clearances
Low friction metering design
Tuned to reduce shutdown noise
Reduces most running noise
Lowers most startup noise
High Quality Improved Operation
Precision metering system
Durable steel spring
OEM proven materials
Pressure regulated
Quick response
Sensitive to flow and quality
Safe Failure Mode Many Applications
Automatically opens to largest area
Functions like original orifice tube
Minimizes compressor pressure
OEM CCOT systems
Alternative to TXV
R12 to R134a Conversions

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