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Nartron Corporation Introduces a Revolutionary Variable Orifice Valve for Vehicle A/C Systems 

March 8, 1999, Reed City, Michigan - Nartron Corporation, a Reed City, Michigan based OEM supplier of automotive and truck electronics and HVAC products, introduces a revolutionary variable orifice valve for vehicle A/C systems.  

The Smart VOV is a high performance valve that is a drop-in replacement for all orifice tubes in automotive and truck A/C systems. By mechanically sensing system pressure and refrigerant flow, the Smart VOV orifice self-adjusts to provide 5 to 12 F colder A/C vent temperatures, increased compressor life and improved fuel economy. 

During over two million miles of fleet testing in severe desert heat conditions, vehicles equipped with the Smart VOV have experienced dramatically reduced compressor failures as well as superior interior cooling performance as compared to vehicles using standard orifice tubes. The largest improvement in vent temperatures occurs at idle and city traffic conditions when maximum cooling performance is most needed. 

Designed for use in both R12 and R134a systems, the Smart VOV is particularly effective when used with retrofits and on factory 134a systems. Most R12 to R134a conversions will result in vent temperatures as cold as or colder than when the R12 vehicle was new. New vehicles equipped with Smart VOV have been documented with A/C vent temperature reductions up to 20F, with no other system changes. 

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Jordan Rautiola, Product Sales Manager

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