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Nartrons Smart VOV Is Now Available at NAPA Jobbers and Retail Outlets Nationwide 

October 7, 1999, Reed City, Michigan Nartron Corporation, a Reed City, Michigan based manufacturer of automotive and truck electronics and HVAC products, announces the availability of the revolutionary Smart VOV at NAPA locations across North America.  

The Smart VOV is a high performance valve that is a drop-in replacement for orifice tubes in automotive and light truck A/C systems. By mechanically sensing system pressure and refrigerant flow, the Smart VOV orifice self-adjusts to provide 8 to 12F colder A/C vent temperatures, increased compressor life, and improved A/C system performance and reliability. The Smart VOV has been proven in over three million miles of severe heat desert fleet testing. 

As the world's leading source of automotive parts, tools and service, NAPA comprises more than 6200 auto parts stores and more than 8300 affiliated NAPA AutoCare repair facilities throughout North America.  

"We are very excited about having the Smart VOV available at NAPA locations. This is a big step forward in expanding our distribution and increasing exposure of this exciting new product" said Jordan Rautiola, Nartron Product Sales Manager.  

Steven Fry, Aftermarket Program Manager for Nartron, is also very positive about the future. "It has been a long and hard road working toward making the Smart VOV available to auto repair shops on a national level. With NAPA's market strength and aggressive promotions, we expect a dramatic increase in sales and interest in the product. Up to this point, the biggest challenge has been finding local sources for shops and DIYs to purchase the Smart VOV. Thanks to NAPA, I think we've solved this problem".  

Marketed within the NAPA Temp Products line as the AAOT (Automatic Adjusting Orifice Tube), the Smart VOV is available under NAPA part numbers 207325 (liquid line and evaporator mount) and 207324 (condenser mount). These two part numbers replace all standard OEM orifice tubes.  

For additional information contact: 

Jordan Rautiola, Product Sales Manager

Nartron Corporation

P.O. Box 207 Reed City, MI 49677

231-832-5525 x-129 or fax 832-3876


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