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Car Engine Stalls when Air Conditioner Runs

Question:  We have a great air conditioner in a 1995 Ford Taurus, however after it has run for a few minutes and you stop the engine stalls. If you wait a few minutes and turn off the air it will run again.

The simplest, and most common thing I can think of is the idle air control valve (IAC) - or - possible a dirty throttle plate.   The idle air control valve on your Taurus is a computer controlled device that controls engine idle speed by allowing air to bypass the throttle plate.

Have your technician inspect the IAC and throttle body area, specifically the throttle plate and bleed hole.  Sometimes the throttle plate will become gummed up with carbon.  The extra load the compressor places on the engine may be causing your stalling problem.  Cleaning this plate may help the engine breathe a little better while idling at stoplights.  This would also be a good time to have the tune-up components inspected and have the cooling system serviced for summer.

There are other possibilities of course, but, a dirty throttle plate or bad IAC, is the most common cause for what you describe.

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