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Lincoln Town Car - No Temp Control - Noise Behind Glove Box

If complaint is no temperature control, along with a "clicking" sound behind the glove box area, suspect temperature blend door actuator.

Ford has issued TSB 98-6-3 that addresses this issue.

Affected models that we are aware of:

1997 Lincoln Town Car
1997 Mercury Grand Marquis
1997 Ford Crown Victoria

The first step is to verify the presence of codes 024 or 025.

  1. Stabilize the temperature of the vehicle.
  2. Press "OFF" and "Floor" at the same time.
  3. Let go, and immediately press the "AUTO" button.
  4. You should see segment check for 20 seconds.
  5. All segments will display simultaneously if no codes are found.
  6. Press "DEFROST" to exit self test.

If code 024 or 025 is accompanied with a clicking sound, replace the blend door actuator.

Ford states the noise is caused by a broken gear within the actuator.  Ford has revised the design of the actuator so the gear is less likely to break.

Plan for 3 or more hours labor to replace this actuator.

Note: If complaint is no temperature control and you do not have a "clicking" sound, but have codes, see the service manual for pinpoint tests.

We have found that running self test may revive a stuck actuator in some cases.   


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