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Ultrasonic Leak Detection

The Ultrasonic Leak Detector has some useful features, but it's certainly not the preferred choice when deciding on a refrigerant leak detection strategy. In fact, it's hard to find many auto technicians that have any experience with an ultrasonic detector. The consensus among those that have used this type of tool for refrigerant leak detection slightly favors... a tie vote.

Proponents claim it's easier to find evaporator leaks and some like the extended use of the tool. Others comment they are not useful in finding automotive refrigerant leaks at all.

Still, for those who feel the need to have every gadget at their disposal, the ultrasonic leak detector can do a few tricks the others can't. They also have a few uses outside the realm of automotive air conditioning service that some may appreciate. Since the tool serves as an extension to our own narrow range of hearing by detecting ultrasonic sound, it can be used for detecting hard to find leaks in compressed air storage and engine vacuum that are well beyond our normal hearing limit.

One minor advantage the ultrasonic leak detector has over other electronic refrigerant detectors is the ability to find leaks under vacuum. This could be handy when you encounter a system that isn't holding vacuum prior to recharge.

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